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20.10.2014 18:30 | Economy
Tashkent hosted a "Day of German Economy in Uzbekistan"
October 17, 2014 in Tashkent it was held a "Day of German Economy in Uzbekistan" for the fourth time. The event was organized by representation of the German business circles in Central Asia, the Club of German Economy in Uzbekistan, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Chambers of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
20.10.2014 17:30 | Economy
Almost a million new jobs
The Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Committee on Labour and Social Affairs organized a "round table" dedicated to the essence, meaning and purpose of the organization's program of jobs and employment for 2015.
20.10.2014 14:30 | Economy
Trading volume on the online auction of "UZEX" exceeded 700 billion soums
By the beginning of the second decade of October this year, the volume of transactions concluded on the exhibition and fair auction of "UZEX" amounted 701,0 billion soums, which is 48% higher than the same period last year, reports the website
20.10.2014 10:30 | Economy
NBU is to join the Association of MasterCard
National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the decision to join the international payment association MasterCard, while the technology platform will act as a single nationwide processing center, which uses software SmartVista. This was reported on the official website of the bank
20.10.2014 09:30 | Economy
New project of "Jizzak"
On territory of the special industrial zone "Jizzak" project "Organization of production of energy-efficient LED lighting appliances" is being realized.
19.10.2014 13:00 | Economy
Trastbank has provided loans worth 2.615 billion soums for the support of family businesses
The private joint-stock exchange Bank Trastbank by right has a reputation of a reliable partner of entrepreneurs of the capital and regions of the Republic. Financial support of subjects of small business is one of the main activities of the Bank.
19.10.2014 09:00 | Economy
Weekly exports at UZEX amounted to $570.8 thousand
Last week at the electronic trade platforms of UZEX recovered the growing dynamics. In the period of October 6-12, the total volume of transactions increased from 112.8 billion to 177.5 billion soums or one and a half times compared to previous week. The main growth factor was a significant recovery in the stock market.
18.10.2014 17:30 | Economy
18 enterprises with the participation of foreign investments registered in FIEZ "Navoi"
According to the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan 18 enterprises with foreign investments registered in the free industrial and economic zone (FIEZ) "Navoi" at the moment.
18.10.2014 14:30 | Economy
For the first 9 months of 2014 "Uzbekenergo" produced 32.9 billion kWh of electric energy
State joint-stock company "Uzbekenergo" summarized the results for the 9 months of 2014. According to the company, during the same period, the growth rate of production amounted to 100.4%. Supply of electric energy made up 32.9 billion kW/h.
18.10.2014 13:00 | Economy
Tashkent hosts industrial exhibitions
From October 21 to 23, 2014, International exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan and its partner ITE group will hold an international interdisciplinary project "Central Asian Industrial Week - Central Asian Industrial Week" in Uzexpocentre Tashkent.
17.10.2014 18:30 | Economy
Uzbekistan Secures Leading Positions in the Global Cotton Market
That has been manifest yet another time by the 10th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair that took place October 13-14 in Tashkent and organized under President Islam Karimovs initiative.
17.10.2014 11:30 | Economy
Mining World Uzbekistan 2014
In Tashkent from 21 to 23 October it will be held IX International exhibition "Mining Equipment, Mining and Processing of Metals and Minerals Mining World Uzbekistan 2014".
16.10.2014 17:30 | Economy
The World Food Day
The World Food Day, celebrated annually on 16 October, was declared in 1979 at the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.
16.10.2014 09:30 | Economy
Improvement in cotton industry
In order to ensure timely and effective harvest, as well as the implementation of the cotton supply in the period launched production and exploration of cotton pickers improved modification in Uzbekistan.
15.10.2014 17:30 | Economy
Uzbekistan and FAO signed a program for 2014-2017
Government of Uzbekistan and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have signed a country framework program.
15.10.2014 16:00 | Economy
Uzbek Cotton and Textiles Offer High Quality and Enjoy Great Demand
The 10th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair organized on the initiative of President Islam Karimov opened October 13 in Tashkent.
14.10.2014 17:30 | Economy
In 2015, Uzbekistan will increase domestic processing of cotton up to 500 thousand tons
A volume of domestic processing of cotton fiber in 2015 could reach 500 thousand tons. This was stated at the opening ceremony of X International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair in Tashkent.
13.10.2014 16:00 | Economy
Uzbekistan is actively developing the global textile market
On October 13-14, this year X International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair will be held in Tashkent. This event, held on an annual basis at the initiative of President Islam Karimov has become a significant event in world cotton and textile industry.
12.10.2014 19:00 | Economy
Uzbekistans Light Industry Displays Its Potential
International exhibitions, Textile Equipment and Technologies CAITME 2014 and the Textile Industry Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2014 have opened at the Uzexpocenter in Tashkent.
12.10.2014 16:35 | Economy
Uzexpocenter is ready for the fair
Thanks to this important event, organized by the initiative of President Islam Karimov, world market demand has been increasing demand for Uzbek cotton fiber. At the same time, the prestige and scope of the fair are growing. So, if in 2005 it was attended by representatives of more than 170 companies from 30 countries, in the last year's fair - more than a thousand representatives of the cotton and textile business from 40 countries.

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