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29.01.2014 17:58 | Society
Promising Projects of Youths
A particular significance is attached in Uzbekistan to the effective use of the internet, modern information and computer technologies in education, as well as digital and broadband telecommunication means, said UzA.
29.01.2014 12:25 | Society
Japan Foreign Press Center: Uzbekistan-Japan Friendship Association Briefing
Japan Foreign Press Center hosted the briefing dedicated to Uzbekistans achievements in reforming and modernizing economy. It was organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Tokyo jointly with Uzbekistan-Japan Friendship Association. The participants familiarized with social-economic development of Uzbekistan in 2013 and crucial priorities of the economic program for the year 2014.
28.01.2014 17:36 | Society
Wintry Harvest
The Izumrud Quant Invest limited liability company in the city of Navoi set up a modern greenhouse in 2011 with a financial support from the Navoi regional affiliate of the Asaka state stock commercial bank, reports UzA.
28.01.2014 09:26 | Society
Uzbek Bestseller for Children Will Be Screened Again
Uzbekistans filmmakers Sarvar Karimov and Nozim Jumaev have completed shooting the second part of the film for children The Wishing Cap. According to UT, the film was hugely popular with Uzbekistan audience, therefore the film producers decided to shoot its second part.
25.01.2014 12:25 | Society
Grune Woche 2014: Uzbekistan is presented in Berlin
The worlds largest consumer fair for the food, agricultural and horticultural industries is currently underway in Berlin. Called Grune Woche 2014 (Green Week), the annual trade fair brought together more than 1600 companies and farm enterprises from 70 countries. Producers from around the globe come to the trade fair to sample market foods and reinforce their own brands.
23.01.2014 14:06 | Society
VAKANZ-2014: Tours to Uzbekistan presented in Luxembourg
A tourism potential of Uzbekistan has been presented at the international tourism fair VAKANZ-2014 in Luxembourg.  It was organized by the exhibition center Luxexpo in cooperation with administration of Luxembourg.
23.01.2014 11:56 | Society
Tourism sector of Uzbekistan presented in Austria
One of the largest tourism events in Central and Eastern Europe Ferien Messe Wien 2014 was held in Vienna, Austria. It was attended by over 700 companies, hotels and airlines from 70 countries.  The stand of Uzbekistan was organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Austria and presented with tourism companies, which offer various tours to Uzbekistan. Presentation materials and brochures on historic and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan were presented at the fair.
23.01.2014 10:58 | Society
The National army is a reliable guarantor of the peaceful life and harmony reigning in Uzbekistan
In the columns of the Pakistani newspapers as Ittehad, Election Times and Balochistan Today unveiled a number of articles dedicated to the Day of Motherland Defenders in Uzbekistan. Pakistani press said that the systematic and step-by-step work both deep on its essence and significant on its scale has been accomplished in Uzbekistan in terms of creating the mobile national army well-equipped with cutting-edge armament and techniques.
22.01.2014 20:36 | Society
Uzbekistan Takes Part in the Tourism Fair Vakantiebeurs 2014
The Dutch city of Utrecht has hosted a prestigious international tourism fair Vakantiebeurs 2014, at which Uzbekistans tourism potential was represented as well. Uzbekistan tourism product was represented by the Dutch companies, including VNC Asia Travel, Djoser, Baobab Reizen, Eurocult Lito Reisen, Koningaap, Tiara Tours, Sunita Travel, and BCD Travel.
22.01.2014 16:54 | Society
Uzbekistan presented at tourism fair in Dresden
Tourism potential of Uzbekistan was presented at annual tourism fair in Dresden, Germany. Over 100 countries, including Uzbekistan, participated at the event. The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Germany in cooperation with German firm Schulz aktiv reisen GmbH organized the stand of the country.
15.01.2014 15:15 | Society
Medical Centers Effectively Use Alternative Energy Sources
Uzbekistan intends to continue the implementation of projects aimed at equipping rural medical centers with modern equipments for the use of renewable energy sources. First medical facilities equipped with solar equipments providing the clinic with electricity and hot water appeared about 4 years ago. The equipments were delivered within the projects implemented by the Ministry of Health with partners from among nongovernmental commercial and international organizations.
15.01.2014 13:58 | Society
Festivities of Motherland Defenders
The peace and harmony reigning in Uzbekistan as well as the wellbeing and prosperity of the people constitute invaluable goods of our independence. Today is the feast of those who safeguard the freedom, peace and security of our nation, namely, the Day of Motherland Defenders. According to Uzbekistan national news agency, in the early hours of January 14, representatives of ministries of Defense, the Interior, Emergency Situations, as well as the National Security Service, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan lined up in an official setting at the Mustaqillik Square in the heart of Tashkent.
14.01.2014 12:40 | Society
Trustworthy Defenders of Motherland
An official meeting occasioned to the Day of Motherland Defenders has taken place at Tashkents Turkiston Palace.
Our national armed forces constitute a reliable guarantor of the peaceful life and harmony reigning in the country, the security of the nation and the inviolability of its borders. Thus, the Day of Motherland Defenders is celebrated extensively in Uzbekistan as a nationwide holiday, and the military servicemen and women enjoy common reverence and honor as protectors of our peaceful and prosperous life.
14.01.2014 09:08 | Society
Tourism potential of Uzbekistan presented in Belgium
Tourism potential of Uzbekistan was presented at annual tourism fair in Leuven, Belgium. The fair was organized by the leading tour operator of Belgium, Hobo Reisen. Over 40 countries participated at the event.
13.01.2014 17:36 | Society
Japanese Tourism Magazine on Ancient Cities of Uzbekistan
The Japanese Global magazine has published an article Uzbekistan - historical crossroads linking the East with the West: traveling around the ancient cities of the world cultural heritage and the Great Silk Road.

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