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22.01.2015 08:00 | Society
Legal literacy improves
In the republic has passed a series of events dedicated to organizational matters of meetings and conferences on the results of the implementation of collective agreements.
21.01.2015 14:00 | Society
Meeting at the International Center of Imam al-Bukhari
In the International Center of Imam al-Bukhari held an event on the Day of Defender of the Motherland, reports the Committee for Religious Affairs.
21.01.2015 12:00 | Society
Always in good shape
In Jizzakh region inhabited by more than 60 people whose age has stepped hundred years. Among centenarians Elena Ukhova of mahalla "Navruz" in regional center. Although years are passing, but the veteran of labor raised three children, trying to keep herself in good shape.
21.01.2015 09:00 | Society
Metropolitan Zoo will be free for pensioners
At the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, the year 2015 declared as a "Year of attention and care for the older generation".

In this regard, according to the order of the Main Department for Culture and Sports of Tashkent, from March 1, 2015, the entry to the Tashkent Zoo during 2015 for the old-age pensioners will be free of charge, reports information service of metropolitan Zoo.
20.01.2015 17:25 | Society
When we sing, we getting younger
Even in 70 years old one may stay young in soul, perform on the big stage when the country concerned not only about the recovery of pensioners, veterans of war and labor, but also the organization of their cultural leisure.
20.01.2015 11:00 | Society
Witness to three centuries
Resident of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Tuti Yusupova in July this year will celebrate 135 years. She is nine years older than the Eiffel Tower, and 17 years older than twofold champion according to Guinness Book of Records, reports Information Agency Uzbekistan Today.
19.01.2015 15:00 | Society
Meeting at the Committee on religious affairs
The Committee on Religious Affairs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan held a meeting with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Sultanate of Oman Muhammad bin Saeed bin Muhammad al-Lavati.
16.01.2015 17:30 | Society
An assessment of surface water and groundwater
State Unitary Enterprise "Suvsoz" informed the percentage of the surface of groundwater in 2015, reports In the water supply system is provided by 85.8% of surface water and 14.2% - underground.
16.01.2015 14:30 | Society
New: SamAuto LE 60
Joint Stock Company Toshshahartransxizmat from 2016 to launch on the city bus routes with low ash bus LE 60 designed in the "SamAvto" design office in Samarkand, reports the news agency Uzbekistan Today.
16.01.2015 13:00 | Society
Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty
An official meeting occasioned to the Day of Motherland Defenders has taken place at Tashkents Turkiston Palace. The Turkiston Palace in the heart of Tashkent was in festive attire on January 13. It gathered senators and legislators, government members, soldiers and sergeants, officers, generals, veterans of the Armed Forces, parents of servicemen and representatives of the general public.
16.01.2015 10:46 | Society
Motherland Defenders Lay Flowers to Monuments
In celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Day of Motherland Defenders, solemn ceremony of laying wreaths to the Monument of Independence and Humanism, which is a symbol of freedom, bright future and noble aspirations took place on the Mustaqillik Square in Tashkent.
15.01.2015 09:00 | Society
Public Opinion 2014
Public Opinion Research Center "Ijtimoiy Fikr" conducted a sociological study "Uzbekistan: public opinion - 2014".  The survey by integrated mode included monitoring revealed the main trends, dynamics assessments of socio-economic and socio-political development of the country over the past year.
14.01.2015 16:00 | Society
Orphans will not be left out of the sight of State
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on 29 December 2014 approved the State Statistical Work Program for 2015.State Statistics Committee was tasked to ensure the deadlines of state statistical work and to provide objective and complete information on the socio-economic development of the country.
13.01.2015 19:00 | Society
Trade unions protect aviation workers
It was held the regular meeting of the Presidium of the National Council of Trade Unions of aviation workers of Uzbekistan, reports the news service of NAC "Uzbekistan Airways".
13.01.2015 18:00 | Society
Exhibition: My Army My Pride
The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistans Academy of Arts organized an exhibition entitled My army my pride at Tashkent House of Photography. More than 350 paintings and creative works made in other fields of applied art were presented in it.
13.01.2015 17:30 | Society
Organization of military and combat training
In the Higher Military Customs Institute (HMCI) it was held a press conference on the theme "The organization of military and combat training for the students HMCI of State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan".
11.01.2015 11:00 | Society
The State Statistics Committee has strengthened its institutional capacity
In 2014, 1282 employee of the State Statistics Committee  of Uzbekistan, including 366 employees in the ICT sector, improved their skills in training courses. According to the Committee, the courses were organized by the Center for Retraining and Statistical Studies of the State Statistics Committee, in accordance with the "Program of training and retraining of workers of state statistics in 2014".
08.01.2015 13:00 | Society
Holiday Gifts for Servicemen
In Fergana region, new houses have been commissioned for a group of servicemen of the frontier troops of national security service of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
07.01.2015 10:00 | Society
Wolf Bauer: "The success of Uzbekistan is impressive: the results of its cooperation with Germany - are successful"
My sincere congratulations to the people of Uzbekistan on the occasion of New Year's sent president of German-Uzbek Society in Bonn (Germany) Wolf Bauer
06.01.2015 11:00 | Society
New standards in energy consumption
As part of the work conducted in republic to reduce energy consumption and energy savings of country, by the Decree of agency "Uzstandard" registered 4 state standards for energy-saving, LED lamps and bulbs.
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