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10.12.2008 18:28 | Society
Event Dwells on Addressing Drug Trafficking, Abuse
The International conference Prevention of drug addiction: concepts, strategies and ways of solution was held in Tashkent, according to the Narodnoye slovo newspaper.
05.12.2008 19:55 | Society
Womens Committee Holds Contest on National Cap Making
The Womens Committee of Uzbekistan organized a contest Duppi tikdim ipaklari tillodan (I have sewed a gold-embroidered skull-cap) and its exhibition, the Uzbekistan National News Agency reported.
05.12.2008 19:29 | Society
Best Young Family of Nation Announced in Uzbekistan
Republican forum Young family is the society development basis organized with the assistance of Kamolot Public Youth Movement took place in the capital.
05.12.2008 19:09 | Society
Company on E-Payment System Launches Charity Action
The goal of this charity action is a gratuitous support of socially vulnerable layers of population by way of drawing attention of broad public to the problems of mercy houses.
05.12.2008 18:47 | Society
Conference on Folk Arts Held in Nukus, News Agency Says
The International scientific conference on spiritual renewal of national folk and society of Central Asian nations was held in Nukus, the administrative capital city of the Republic of  Karakalpakstan.
05.12.2008 18:31 | Society
School in Namangan Earns Japanese Grant - Newspaper
The school No.27 in the Namangan District in Namangan Province won the grant of the Embassy of Japan to Uzbekistan, the Pravda Vostoka newspaper reported.
02.12.2008 19:03 | Society
Contest to Select Young Talents to Earn Zulfiya State Prize
More than 50 talented girls took part at the Karakalpak stage of candidates selection to Zulfiya State Prize which is held annually with a goal to support and stimulate young talents.
28.11.2008 18:15 | Society
New Palace Will Soon Beautify Uzbek Capital - Newspapers
Many residents of Tashkent have already paid attention to the scaled construction which took off next to the Square of Amir Temur. By mid- summer next year the center of Tashkent will be decorated by a majestic building. 
28.11.2008 17:57 | Society
Youth Forum Takes Place in Rishtan Dist., Ferghana Province
A youth forum under the motto The talented youth is a strength and power of Homeland was held with such a goal in Rishtan District in Ferghana Province.
28.11.2008 17:23 | Society
National Cultural Centers Festival Held in Termez - Report
The festival of national cultural centers Uzbekistan is our common home dedicated to the 16th anniversary of Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in Termez.
27.11.2008 19:07 | Society
Tashkent State Archive Turns 35, Its Website to Come Soon
This year the nation marks the 35th anniversary of the State archive of the city Tashkent, the Pravda Vostoka newspaper reported November 26.
27.11.2008 18:23 | Society
Renowned Paulo Coelho Writes to Samarkand, Sends Prose
Many years in a row the author of prominent Alchemist sends a message to the Samarkand Museum of Peace and Solidarity. Paulo Coelho grants his parables to the residents of ancient city on the eve of every New Year.
26.11.2008 18:01 | Society
Doctors, Others Discuss Acute Diseases Treatment at Forum
The scientific and practical conference on curing acute viral hepatitis took place at the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. Doctors, scholars and young researchers participated at it.
25.11.2008 19:25 | Society
Uzbek Tourism Potential Exhibited in Italy, Raises Interest
Along with the assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Italy a pavilion dedicated to the tourism potential of Uzbekistan was put into display at this prestigious international fair.
25.11.2008 18:23 | Society
Uzbek Movies are Inspired by Viewers Cinema Experts
A solemn closing ceremony of the First Uzbek National Cinema Festival was held at the Alisher Navoi Palace of Arts in Tashkent, the Pravda Vostoka newspaper reported.
24.11.2008 19:23 | Society
With Constitution Jubilee at Doorstep Various Events Underway
On the eve of celebration the 16th anniversary of Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan the roundtables, meetings and other events are now held at the local levels.
24.11.2008 17:28 | Society
Various Nations, Nationalities View Uzbekistan as their Home
According to Constitution, all citizens of Uzbekistan enjoy the same rights and freedoms and are equal before law regardless of sex, nationality, language, religion, social background, private and social status.
24.11.2008 17:09 | Society
Forum Tackles Biodiversity in Uzbekistan, Discusses Issues
The roundtable on the topic Preserving biodiversity of the Republic of Uzbekistan: achieved results, problems and the ways to address them was held in Tashkent.
24.11.2008 14:36 | Society
Disabled Tell about Study Center in Khorezm, Laud Its Effect
The Study center for computer literacy has been operating for some time now at the Khorezm regional department of Society of disabled of Uzbekistan, according to the Uzbekistan National News Agency.
24.11.2008 12:48 | Society
Conference Dwells on Prospects of Institute of Family
The Republican scientific-practical conference on the prospects of development of institution of family took place at the Uzbek capital, the report by Uzbekistan National News Agency has said.

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