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19.11.2008 16:58 | Society
Festival to Reveal Best Films of the Nation, Reports Say
On November 17 this year a solemn opening ceremony of the First Uzbek National Cinema Festival was held at the Alisher Navoi Palace of Arts in Tashkent.
14.11.2008 18:44 | Society
Human Trafficking Problem Discussed in Andijan Seminar
Seminar on the topic of Preventing human trafficking and rendering help victims of human trafficking was held in the city of Andijan, according to the Narodnoye slovo newspaper.
14.11.2008 18:30 | Society
First Attendees Graduate from the School of Leaders
A solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas to first graduates of leaders school was held at the Palace of Culture at the Mirzo Ulughbek National University of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.
14.11.2008 18:12 | Society
Tashkent Hosts Seminar on Equality in School Education
The Womens Committee of Uzbekistan alongside with the UN Development Program (UNDP) organized seminar on the issues of equality in school education in Tashkent.
11.11.2008 11:04 | Society
Higher & Special Education Ministry Launches Educational Portal
The Ministry of higher and secondary special education of Uzbekistan set out a creation and introduction of intellectual system of education, which should play an important role in increase of higher education quality.
07.11.2008 15:04 | Society
Soglom Avlod Uchun Helps Children Enjoy Their School Holidays
Within the framework of the Year of Youth Soglom Avlod Uchun International Non-State Charitable Fund holds  meetings and events aimed at upbringing harmonically developed talents, as well as supporting children of charity houses and less well-off families.
05.11.2008 18:29 | Society
Japan Decorates Uzbek Citizen for Contribution into Relations
Khojiakbar Rasulov has become the first Uzbek citizen to receive the Order of  Japan in the history of Uzbek-Japanese relations.
05.11.2008 18:27 | Society
Institute of Law Holds Exhibition on Human Rights in Town
The exhibition of publications dedicated to the topic of Human rights in print media took place at the Tashkent State Institute of Law, the agencies reported.
05.11.2008 18:24 | Society
Chemical Industry Products Fair Takes Place in Tashkent
The fair of mineral fertilizers, defoliants and means of plants' chemical protection has started at Uzkimyosanoat State Joint-Stock Company in Tashkent.
05.11.2008 15:41 | Society
People With Physical Disabilities To Have Their Cultural Center
A cultural center for people with physical disabilites is now being constructed in Yangiyul town of Tashkent Province by way of khashar (the neighborhood community betterment and improvement works).
30.10.2008 16:17 | Society
New Motherhood & Childhood Project Presented in Tashkent
Presentation of a new project related to further enhancing protection of motherhood and childhood was held in Tashkent, the local news agencies reported.
29.10.2008 17:21 | Society
Tashkent Hosts Photography Masters from Four Continents
From October 20 to October 27 this year the TashkentALE 2008 Fourth Tashkent International Photo-biennale and the Second International festival of actual photo- and video arts was held in Tashkent.
29.10.2008 16:00 | Society
Seminar Held as a Part of Healthy Lifestyle Propaganda
On the initiative of Kamalak Childrens Organization at the Council of the Surkhandarya Regional Department of the Kamolot Public Youth Movement seminar I choose a healthy way of life, and you? was held in Termez.
29.10.2008 15:58 | Society
As Uzbek Writer Turns 80 President Congratulates Him
Uzbekistan pays a particular attention to esteeming writers and poets who have profoundly contributed to development of the Uzbek literature in the country.
23.10.2008 17:10 | Society
Tashkent Hosts Photo-Expo of Beijing Olympics Performances
The Games 2008. The taste of our victories! International Photography Exhibition was launched at the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan, according to the Narodnoye slovo newspaper.
23.10.2008 16:58 | Society
Conference Dwells on Seismology Acute Issues Newspaper
Powerful earthquakes that shake various parts of the planet cause serious damage to world economy and often result in human victims. The damages of such natural disasters can be mitigated by way of forecasting earthquakes.
23.10.2008 16:50 | Society
Namangan Teachers Showcase their Skills on Folklore - Paper
A contest of folklore was held at the School No.52 in the city of Namangan. The teachers of primary classes from around the province participated at it, the Narodnoye slovo newspaper reported.
22.10.2008 17:15 | Society
Youth Prefers Extreme to Drug Addiction, Event Reveals
The event was held as a part of the Year of Youth State Program. The Soglom Avlod Uchun Fund organized the event alongside with the respective ministries, state and public organizations.
22.10.2008 16:52 | Society
Temur State Museum in Tashkent Turns 12, Paper Writes
The State museum of the History of Temur and his dynasty of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan turned 12 this year, the Pravda Vostoka newspaper reported.
21.10.2008 16:11 | Society
German Journalist Writes on Great Silk Road, Uzbek Cities
An article dedicated to the Great Silk Road and ancient historical cities located on this route Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva has been published in the German magazine Herzliches Zeitschrift.

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