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06.01.2009 16:57 | Society
Young Uzbek Painters Secure Medals of International Festival
The students of the Nukus Lyceum for Fine and Applied Arts study the basics of painting, wood-engraving, embroidery, carpet weaving and ceramics, according to the Uzbekistan National News Agency.
05.01.2009 11:05 | Society
Local Uzbek Postmen Expand Types of Services Newspaper
The Pakhtaobod district post center in Andijan Province started to accomplish electronic money orders nationwide, according to the Pravda Vostoka newspaper.
05.01.2009 10:55 | Society
New Supermarket Gets Launched Next to City of Nukus
During the New Years holiday a modern supermarket was launched at the settlement of Samanbay near to the city of Nukus, the administrative capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.
05.01.2009 10:47 | Society
Grandpa Frost, Snow Maiden to Serve Passengers in City Buses
In Tashkent the whole New Years week the heroes of holiday Ded Moroz (the Grandfather Frost) will drive buses along the city and his granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden) will be a fare collector.
05.01.2009 10:45 | Society
Foreign Tourists: Uzbekistan is Worth Visiting Again and Again
These are the words of Danielle Rei-Nart from France, one of the numerous foreign guests which one come across to in the streets in Tashkent during the days of broad and active New Year celebrations.
04.01.2009 18:51 | Society
New Year Festivities Bring Fun to Kids, Others Nationwide
According to the local news agencies, at the moment, high enthusiasm and inspiration reign at the New Year festivities at squares, parks, as well as art palaces all around Uzbekistan.
04.01.2009 18:30 | Society
Sewers and Designers Contest Takes Place in Syrdarya
The show contest National clothes and young designers was held at the Syrdarya Province, the Uzbekistan National News Agency Russian-language website reported.
31.12.2008 15:52 | Society
As 2008 Ready to Exit, Young Families to Move to New Homes
For over the past period the Joint-Stock Commercial Ipoteka-Bank allotted the mortgage credits worth almost 56 billion soum to over three thousand families.
31.12.2008 15:05 | Society
Twice World Champ Tangriev Writes on 2008 Achievements
On December 31 the Narodnoye slovo newspaper published the story in which Abdulla Tangriev, the twice world champion on kurash, has summed up his sporting activity in the outgoing year (photos included).
30.12.2008 16:17 | Society
WIUT to Establish Lyceum with Study of English at Its Core
A lyceum, specialized on exact sciences with concentrated studies of the English language, will be founded at the Westminster International University in Tashkent.
30.12.2008 15:46 | Society
New Spirituality Center Founded at Samarkand State Institute
The Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment was founded at the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, the Uzbekistan National News Agency reported.
30.12.2008 12:36 | Society
Presidents New Year Tree Gives Joy & Fun to Children
On December 29 this year the festivities of Presidents New Year Tree on the occasion of nationwide celebrations of the New Year 2009 took off at the Turkiston Palace in Tashkent.
29.12.2008 19:18 | Society
Year of Youth Comes to an End, Nation Sums Up Outcomes
The National Press Center of Uzbekistan in Tashkent hosted a news conference dedicated to the outcomes of tasks set forward in the Year of Youth State Program early this year, the news agencies reported.
29.12.2008 19:03 | Society
Event Focuses on the Role of Youth in Technical Innovations
The conference has been dedicated to the role of intellectual youth in the process of technical and innovative reforms, the report by the news agency has said.
29.12.2008 18:37 | Society
Jury Well Assesses Works of Young Researchers in Medicine
With a goal to implement the issues envisaged in the Year of Youth State Program the Ministry of Health, Association of cardiologists and Republican specialized center for cardiology announced a contest among young scholars.
26.12.2008 12:29 | Society
Uzbek Red Crescent: Volunteer Work Ensures Effect of Cause
The two-day working meeting at the Insoniylik Republican methodical training center of the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan has resulted in awarding the certificates to those who are involved in its activity.
25.12.2008 16:15 | Society
Pupils Quizzed for Best Knowing of Ukraine, its Customs, Rites
The organizers of the contest of the childrens creativity Tour along the Ukraine brought together fans and admirers of the national Ukrainian songs, traditions and customs at the Zarafshan Concert Hall in Tashkent.
25.12.2008 16:07 | Society
World Population Report for 2008 Presented in Tashkent
The National press center of Uzbekistan in Tashkent hosted a presentation of Annual World Report on Population for 2008. The Executive representative of the UNFPA Fuad Aliev presented the Report to journalists.
25.12.2008 16:05 | Society
Young Families Move on to New Apartments, Paper Writes
The two many-storied houses with 32 apartments have been built in Namangan. On the eve of the New Year the young families in the area received keys from those new apartments.
23.12.2008 17:50 | Society
New Motorway to Shortcut Route From Andijan to Tashkent
The capital reconstruction of the 216-274-km part of the Tashkent-Osh motorway is now underway in Ferghana Province, according to the report by Uzbekistan National News Agency later last week.

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