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23.12.2008 12:14 | Society
New Diagnostics Center Launched in Countryside in Andijan
A new diagnostic medical center has been commissioned in the village of Zarbdor in the Asaka District, according to the Uzbekistan National News Agency.
22.12.2008 17:02 | Society
JICA Organizes Press-Tour for Journalists to Samarkand
In line with established tradition the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) organized a press-tour for the representatives of mass media outlets of Uzbekistan.
18.12.2008 19:12 | Society
Agricultural Goods Fair Takes Off in Andijan as 2009 Nears
On the New Years eve a traditional fair of agricultural products was launched in the city of Andijan, according to the Uzbekistan National News Agency.
18.12.2008 19:03 | Society
Students to Attend College Next to Homes at Remote Village
The piedmont village of Varzik is one of the farthest and populous places in the Chust District. In the village annualy about 200 pupils graduate from the local school.
18.12.2008 12:24 | Society
KA DATA, New E-Library System, to be Introduced Nationwide
The presentation of automated information and library system KA DATA took place in Tashkent, according to the news agencies. The new software outlines various forms and types of publications.
17.12.2008 14:30 | Society
New Resource Center Set Up at Ferghana State University
The Information and Resource Center for students and teachers has been newly commissioned at the Ferghana State University, the Pravda Vostoka newspaper wrote.
17.12.2008 14:15 | Society
Local Company to Raise Production, Create More Jobs
The Shofirkon kumush tola Limited Liability Company has so far employed over 150 young men and women, according to the national newspapers.
17.12.2008 14:00 | Society
German Research Foundation Grants Books to UWED
The German Research Foundation granted the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED) the books, brochures and albums in the German and English languages.
16.12.2008 18:50 | Society
Officials Brief Public on Law on Vehicle Owners Civil Liability
The business center Poytaht in Tashkent hosted the news conference on implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan On mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners which took effect in October 2008.
16.12.2008 18:31 | Society
Young Families in Samarkand Receive New Apartments
The two 64-apartment many-storied houses built for young families have been commissioned in Samarkand, according to the Narodnoye slovo newspaper.
16.12.2008 12:44 | Society
E-Media Association Sums up Results of PSA Contest - Paper
The festival has aimed to enhance social activity of non-state television and radio stations, as well as fill the screens with socially significant advertising, or also known as public service announcements (PSA).
16.12.2008 11:39 | Society
As 2009 Comes, Dangerous Pyrotechnic Goods to be Banned
With regard to persons who strive to earn quick and ease income by way of importing and selling the pyrotechnic goods the law-enforcement bodies are applying the relevant measures.
15.12.2008 15:06 | Society
Renowned Uzbek Academician Dies at 76 - Newspapers
The renowned scientist in the sphere of economy, state and public figure, senator, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Murod Sharifkhojaev died at the age of 76.
15.12.2008 13:44 | Society
Uzbek Arts Institute Head Signs Memo in Germany
The delegation of Uzbekistan headed by the rector of the State Arts Institute, Usman Karabaev, visited the Federal Republic of Germany. The visit resulted in signing the Memorandum of Cooperation.
15.12.2008 13:43 | Society
Number of UZ Domains Increases 1.3 Times News Agency
The number of domains registered in the UZ zone has reached 7,500. Since the beginning of the year, over 3,450 domains were registered and 1,700 were removed. The growth rate was 30.2%.
15.12.2008 13:42 | Society
Karakalpak Art Museum Catalogue Put Out in French
Catalogue of State art museum of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I.V. Savitsky, one of the most famous museums of the country was published in French.

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